The tools you need to succeed in a crowded job market 

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About Career Envoy
We are an Ottawa-based job-readiness service which gives the necessary tools for success in the 21st century job market. Our goal is to help people understand both their value and the needs of the labour market as well as teaching them effective methods to present themselves to potential employers and eventually providing opportunities for them and employers to meet.
The program commences with a primary assessment and interview of the participant. During this module, participants will be asked questions such as: • What is your employment goal? • What are your long term goals in life? • Does your employment goal fit within your life goals that you have identified?
Career Decision Making
The Personality Workshop module allows each participant to develop greater self-awareness of their personality, individual strengths and competencies, unique skills and style of communicating. Brit-Mari Sykes, PhD, leads and facilitates this module by using the Personality Assessment tools: the Four Ways System™ and Identity Mapping™..
Labour Market Information (LMI)
The Labour Market Information module is a half day seminar which assists participants in understanding the local labour market. Throughout the half day seminar, participants will explore current, relevant labour market information and how it relates and impacts on an individual’s job search. They will also learn how to acquire LMI tools and resources for career exploration purposes. Jeff Seeton, President of, will lead and facilitate this module.
Creating and Marketing the New You!
This module helps participants enhance their job readiness skills. The following set of workshops is based upon the Real Life U method developed by Geoff Dubrow, founder of Real Life U™, to support job seekers in their career search. By breaking down the search into the following workshops, participants can prepare themselves to reach out to prospective employers in a way that will maximize their marketability. More information is available at Geoff’s website,
Job Development
Job Development provides a comprehensive service to our partnering employers and works with them to understand and fulfill their hiring needs. Our Job Developer also work with our program participants to find suitable employment opportunities, matched with the skills required to attract and meet the needs of our partnering employers
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